Monday, December 10, 2007

Brewers get a whole new bullpen...

The Brewers have picked up a higher-end bullpen at the winter meetings.

Note, this was a team, that when they were putting together a bullpen with castoffs, still managed to pretty much have a game in hand when they were up after seven innings.

Don't believe me? Look over their relievers for the past decade. Bob Wickman was good enough to bring Richie Sexson to the Brewers. That ultimately gave the Brewers a bunch of good players. In essence, it was buying low and selling high.

Now, they have a contending team and have lined up a bunch of relievers who aren't castoffs. They have a lineup that can make any National League pitcher feel like a baby seal on any given day. And with pitching and offense like that, I can like with Ryan Braun at third base. Especially when it's even money whether he or Prince Fielder will lead the Brewers in homers.

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