Friday, June 29, 2007

The commissars win...

If the GOP were a patient, I would say it is in serious condition.

As AJ-Strata has pointed out, the GOP has become captive to a fringe group on at least the immigration issue. That said, he is running a big risk. The Democrats have become firmly allied with the fringe left when it comes to the global war on terror.

This is not a small thing. In looking over his posts, I believe that AJ, like me, is someone who the GOP should be able to at least count on to vote for their candidates without any prodding from a GOTV effort. Now, they have lost him.

This is in addition to hemhorraging Hispanic voters, who rightfully wonder just what the GOP really thinks of them given the rantings of Michelle Malkin, Tom Tancredo, and others. And all the Dems need to prove the ill intent is to show them the comments that places like and FreeRepublic allow to stand.

This is just incredible stupidity. Quite frankly, I'm not inclined to bail them out of this mess. Particularly when it will just empower people who despise me for whatever reason. I got other things to do... like teaching my nephew how to throw a slider.

Yob tvoyu maht, commissars.

It gets worse...

Hugo Chavez has declared he is open to the possibility of Venezeula becoming a nuclear power.

Why am I starting to feel more nervous?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

8-1 homestand...

Now that is more like it, Brewers.

Things went well, including their response to the Astros breaking a 2-2 tie. The Astros scored two in the top of the sixth... the Brewers responded by scoring nine in the bottom of the sixth.

The Astros didn't send pitchers to the mound... they sent baby seals. And the Brewers treated them properly.

Whomp... whomp...


Blackstar: Real Deal, or Misdirection?

My co-blogger discussed Blackstar last year when Aviation Week had it on the cover.

I've always had two questions about Blackstar:

1. Why that architecture?

2. Why then?

The second question is the real puzzle. Contrary to popular belief, governments can usually keep this sort of thing secret. We knew absolutely nothing about the F-117 prior to the Defense Department announcing it in 1988. We didn't get a chance to see one up close until 1990.

In the early 1990s, Aviation Week carried a number of stories about exotic aircraft. At that time, the reason was obvious: budgets were getting cut, and while black projects are relatively easy to keep alive (because their natural enemies most likely do not know about them), they're also, ironically, fairly easy to kill when funds get tight (because their natural allies most likely do not know about them). The only way to garner support for such a program is to make some judicious leaks here and there.

No such event militated in favor of revealing Blackstar last year.

Now, to the question of architecture. The Blackstar design requires the mothership to tote the entire spacecraft up to launch altitude; it requires high-speed separation of spacecraft and mother ship (which is hazardous to both); and it requires exotic equipment (mating and demating facilities in particular).

In short, it's for those who want to go to space in the worst possible way.

Now, consider the vehicle described in this link. Size is held to a minimum by using aerial refueling to transfer oxidizer to the vehicle after launch; infrastructure requirements and prelaunch checklists are held to a minimum because the fuel and oxidizer are non-cryogenic; the bird can take off and land from just about any Air Force base worldwide if necessary; and the resulting "Black Horse" spaceplane is about the same size as an F-16.

Consider, also, the fact that this paper is part of a larger study conducted in 1993-1994. That's thirteen years ago--more than enough time to build hardware, validate it, and put it into service.

That's thirteen years ago. The estimated cost for an RDT&E program was $150 million. Allowing for the usual tripling of RDT&E costs, that's about half a billion. Everett Dirksen's quip about "a billion here, and a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money" comes to mind. In a national budget of over two trillion dollars, $500 million is a rounding error.

So perhaps we have an aerospace wing based out at Groom Lake, ready to rain "Rods from God" down onto the heads of evildoers and miscreants around the world.

How to cover up the odd sonic boom as a Black Horse boosts into orbit? Simple, blame it on a concept that's borderline unworkable and probably never made it past initial hardware testing.

It's the magician distracting you with his left hand while his right hand palms the card . . .

Murdoch leaves a mark...

Rupert Murdoch left a mark on CNN.

What really will make this sting is the fact that it is the truth.

Cheap stunts...

Tom Tancredo sent lettuce to Secretary of Homeland Security Chertoff. He seems to brush aside concerns about some of the consequences of not passing a comprehensive immigration bill. Not only does it include Hispanics walking out from the GOP after this whole immigration debate, but it could easily involve American farms moving out to Mexico and/or Canada.

The left drove out a lot of our industry due to regulations and their support of the agenda of the AFL-CIO. The right is now trying to drive out our farms.

This is stupid. We should be trying to keep as much of our food produced domestically. It's arguably more important than oil.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


AJ-Strata live-blogged the immigration vote in the Senate.

The fact is, there is a silent majority among Republcians that supports comprehensive immigration reform. This silent majority has been largely shouted down by part of the minority that is very vocal, very angry, and somewhat questionable.

Now, some opponents, like MacRanger, are decent people who have come to a different conclusion than people like myself and AJ-Strata.

The thing is, the GOP is going to have to have a Sister Souljah moment with the loudmouths. They held sway in 2006, and the GOP took a significant hit among Hispanic voters as a result. It wasn't the entire reason they lost congress in 2006, but I'd be really amazed if a drop in the share of the Hispanic vote from 44% to 30% could be spun as helpful to the Republican party.

Chavez breaks the 8th Commandment*...

Hugo Chavez has decided to steal the property of some American companies - and the theft could reach as much as $6 billion for one of the companies alone.

If I were the CEO of ConocoPhillips, I'd be thmubing through the yellow pages, looking for my local Assasins R Us. Or, at the very least, I'd be doing some Googling.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Google's being evil...

Or, at the very least, they're cheatin'. I guess they're worried Bill Gates will kick their ass as he has done in the past against Apple, Netscape, and other companies.

Believe it or not, Microsoft is the underdog.

Deutschland ist nicht richtig hier...

Germany does seem to act kinda weird at times. For instance, their refusal to allow Tom Cruise into the country because he's a Scientologist.

Folks, I don't care for Scientology. I am perfectly happy as a slightly-lapsed Mormon (in other words, I drink Mountain Dew, enjoy movies like Die Hard and Broken Arrow, and read the occasional issue of Maxim - for the articles, of course). But Germany seems to have trouble with the concept of religious freedom.

Maybe I'm being oversensitive. Then again, considering what happened to some of my ancestors, some folks might understand why I get touchy about this issue.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Stabbing the Troops in the Back: Why "Friendly" Fire Isn't

Well, we now have another threat to abandon the troops and their mission. This time, it's from "conservatives."

Their message is simple: either Bush backs down on supporting immigration reform, or they will pull the plug on funding for Iraq.

"Treason doth not prosper, for what's the reason? For if it doth prosper, none dare call it treason."

Well, I dare call it treason.

It's official. I'm no longer a conservative. I'm a Donald Bellisario Republican--national security first, last, and always, and to hell with everything (and everyone) else.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, I haven't left conservatism. Conservatism left me.

More tough talk from Hugo...

Hugo Chavez is talking tough again.

If there is a war in that area, you can bet he will start it... and at the same time, he'll claim he is the victim. The usual suspects will buy it.

Romney says it...

Mitt Romney has finally spoken about what has passed for the dirty underside of the 2008 race for the Republican nomination for President: The anti-Mormon bigotry that has cropped up.

I've discussed this before. Brownback and Giuliani have promptly apologized when their aides went over the line in single events. That was very proper for them to do. John McCain's campaign, on the other hand, has had multiple incidents where his supporters raised Romney's religion as a negative.

That's a bit of a pattern. And given the recent unpleasantness with other unacceptable stuff that was allowed to stand, prompting my decision to suspend Townhall links until further notice, it does seem that among a certain segment of conservatism, anti-Mormon bigotry is acceptable.

What can I say?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Townhall is suspended until further notice...

Due to the inaction of the management of with regards to a blog that I believe crosses moral and legal lines, I have placed all Townhall bloggers presently on my blogroll "on suspension".

I wish it had not come to this. I briefly met and chatted with one of the bloggers who I linked to, but at this point, I feel there is no other option. I cannot continue to send traffic over to these sites.

Townhall: Home of the Cyber-McVeighs

At, "Peppermint" writes about assassinating US Attorney Johnnie Sutton in a bit of "fiction."

The rest of "Juliet's Diary" is equally perverse; it presents civil war and murdering one's political opponents as good old harmless fun.

This is why I'm not active at Townhall: I don't want to be on a Department of Homeland Security watch list.

Apparently, nobody at Townhall has flagged the post as offensive--and even if they did, Townhall doesn't seem to disapprove. I notified Townhall of this three days ago. It's still up there. I guess they're OK with it. And why shouldn't they be? Ann Coulter wrote "They Shot the Wrong Lincoln." My, my, that's not anything resembling incitement, is it, Annie, dear? I sent a couple of my Marines to the brig back in the day for much milder statements than that . . .

If Townhall wants to be the Official Website of Timothy McVeigh Wannabes, that's one thing. But it cannot simultaneously fill that role and be a serious participant in political debate. Unfortunately, they are joined at the hip with the Salem Radio Network, which hosts one of my ex-favorites, Hugh Hewitt. Looks like KCBQ (1170 AM) comes off my car radio's presets.

Memo for the management at Townhall: SET THY HOUSE IN ORDER. Assassination fantasies are off-limits, bigtime. Even if they're from your top-rated columnists.

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Europe speaks out...

The Czech President had a great question on global warming.

I wonder if Al Gore will have a response...

A "fix" we can do without...

If Senator Inhofe is right, Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer are planning to "fix" talk radio.

I guess they don't like free speech that doesn't go their way.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

With Apologies to Trip & Snooze . . .

You Gotta be on Google

(to the tune of "You've Gotta be in the Guard" by Dos Gringos)

A long, long time ago
Before there was A-O-L
Nobody told a Microsofty
What he could not sell
He could integrate the browser
He could put icons in the toolbar
Now I know some things had to change
But we've gone to f***ing far!

Now you can't program this
You can't program that
Some f***ing lawyer just might get upset
And I just can't believe in this lurch
You gotta be on Google to do search!

They say that we've got talent
But judgement's what we lack
Like writing that Netscape memo
Well we won't take it back
Boies said he was offended
But that only made us smile
Because we knew deep down that he loved it
And he was only in denial!

Now I don't think it could get any worse
You can't update code and you can't search recurse
And I just can't believe in this lurch
You gotta be on Google to do search!

To do search.
To do search.
I just can't believe in this lurch
You gotta be on Google to do search!

Now this antitrust correctness it must come to an end
'Cause we're in the business of business, who gives a f*** if we offend
I can code bugs by the thousands but I can't upgrade Word
Now that's the dumbest f***ing thing that I have ever heard

Now I don't think it could get any worse
You can't update code and you can't search recurse
And I just can't believe in this lurch
You gotta be on Google to do search!

(With apologies to Trip and Snooze)

This ought to be a lot of fun on a stick...

It seems Segolene Royal, the MILF who ran for President of France, booted her not-quite-husband for infidelity, now wants his job.

See what happens when you cheat?

Going to hell in a handbasket...

Pakistan has rioting going on. The rioters have an interesting choice of targets. KFC restaurants in 2005 and 2007.

When Musharaff is gone, that place will go to hell.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Don't look now...

But the Brewers seem to be getting back to winning and expanding their lead.

Since being no-hit, they are 6-1, and have clinched their third straight series win.

This is the kind of baseball I enjoy. :)

DOJ's gone too f***ing far...

It seems that Microsoft cannot release a new product without having to run it by the DOJ, 17 state AGs, and its competitors.

Seriously, folks, we need to make sure we don't run into an abusive monopoly situation, but this anti-trust stuff has gone to f***ing far. Let Microsoft improve its products - and don't make `em tell the secrets to competitors.

Has the world gone mad?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The other side of the right Blogosphere...

MacRanger discusses the conservative blogs vs. Bush article at CNN over at MacsMind. What has been neglected is the fact that there are right-of-center blogs (including some conservatives) who are backing the President.

Strata-Sphere is probably the most prominent. But one just has to look at Sister Toldjah, The Anchoress, and Big Lizards to see that there is another side to this issue. One can also look at syndicated columnists like Linda Chavez and Michael Medved or conservative media outlets like the Wall Street Journal's editorial page and the Weekly Standard.

And why is there division? Well, let's just say that people both sides have flipped off poorly-thought out comments. Linda Chavez has come in for particular abuse - and a lot of the comments aimed at her have crossed the racism line. Quite frankly, she had every right to lash out at her critics and fire off with a broad brush, and she had no need to apologize, because all too often, the abusive comments have stood at Townhall for whatever reason.

That leads to something else that must be said. Both Linda Chavez and Congressman Chris Cannon have shown to my satsifaction that there are some very questionable ties between major anti-immigration groups like FAIR and CIS and eugenicists. Eugenics is a long-discredited pseudo-science that is all too often used to justify the racist beliefs of people like David Duke and Jared Taylor.

What needs to be noted is that these concerns are not coming from La Raza, Jesse Jackson, or Al Sharpton. These are conservatives with track records to prove their conservatism saying there is a problem. And sadly, too many on the right seek to ignore that - and those who do raise questions are accused of smearing those who oppose the immigration bill - or they are called race-baiters.

I'm sorry, but trying to cover up the inconvenient truths about the background of FAIR and CIS is unacceptable. It seems that the notion held by some conservatives that the right should police its own has some sort of unspoken immigration exception. I am unwilling to go along with this. It is this refusal to police their own that has pushed me into the Wall Street Journal's camp on immigration. I am willing to up the ante from a "no confidence vote" and completely walk away from conservatism if it comes to that.

But it's time that the other side be heard and be given a hearing.

Rickie's back...

Rickie Weeks returns and hits a couple of doubles. The Brewers win, 5-4, behind six and a third strong innings from Yovanni Gallardo.

Weeks back, Brewers offense back on track, Brewers pitching usually doing the job...

FEAR is Milwaukee's ally.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Democrats' problem...

Eve Fairbanks hits the nail on the head in her latest column in the Washington Examiner.

The Democrats have that problem big-time. They never got over the 2000 election, and now, they are getting even angrier as they find out that being in power doesn't mean the problems will be solved easily.

That said, on the right, there is a need for serious anger-management work as well. On immigration, tempers are extremely hot, some ugly stuff has been said, and now, neither side can really back down.

Too bad we can't impose a 30-day cooling-off period for debates.

The UN is clueless...

See the Secretary-General's comments on Darfur.

Note to Secretary-General Ban: The genocide in Darfur is not being caused by global warming. The genocide in Darfur is being caused by genocidal maniacs who need to be killed.

OK, this is a stretch...

It seems someone claims the Brits were worried we might fire off some nukes in the aftermath of 9/11.

Now, I do recall the weather forecasts that were posted in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. I guess that must have spooked some folks on the other side of the pond.

But they were jokes, for cryin' out loud!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Time for Tony Snow to Tell Some Folks Off

Laura Ingraham has succumbed to Bush Derangement Syndrome.

The key quote:

"You keep repeating that, but nobody believes you," she said. "Nobody buys that this administration is serious about the border."

At that point, if I were Tony Snow, the conversation would end. Probably with a Costco-sized package of Marine Corps Noncommissioned Officer Top Secret Code Words.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Read some of AJ-Strata's stuff today...

Several of his posts are well worth the read.

This one, which links to my blog; this one, which debunks Michelle Malkin's latest column; and this one, talking about what needs to happen.

I'm not holding my breath.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alyssa thinks SHE has it bad?

Alyssa Milano discusses her pain this year.

How about a little sympathy for my pain from last night, Alyssa?

Getting no credit...

One of the biggest frustrations I have on the immigration issue is that President Bush seems to get no credit for steps he has already taken to secure the border.

Look at this White House Fact Sheet and note some key points:
* The Border Patrol has increased from 9,000 agents in 2001 to 13,000 agents now - and plans to hit 18,000 by the end of 2008.
* Funding for border security has gone from $4.6 billion to $10.4 billion.
* Worksite enforcement actions increased from 24 in FY99 to 716 in FY2006.
* Nearly half of the planned 370 miles (at the end of 2008) of fencing/vehicle barriers have been built.

If that is not a significant effort to increase enforcement, then what is? Have the Border Patrol and ICE been playing tiddlywinks? People like Michelle Malkin and Tom Tancredo cannot have it both ways. President Bush has been making more of an effort to enforce laws that just don't work in the real world, and yet they resist any effort to make changes. In essence, their argument is that the increased enforcement is just a smokescreen to con patriotic Americans into allowing Jorge Arbusto to grant his shamnesty and then carry out his treasonous plan to establish the North American Union.

No wonder people like Lindsey Graham have been losing patience with them - particularly when a Joe Farah proclaims that the White House is disqualified from discussing border issues.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lockheed goes Sore-Loserman...

The don't even wait for the award to file the protest.

I will refer people to my piece at Strategypage on the HH-47. It recently was re-run as a Dirty Little Secret.

Short version, the US101/VH-71 SAR variant got its ass kicked by the HH-47 in performance, past track record (four decades' worth), and existing logistical base/development risk.

John McCain needs to let this one go. The best chopper won.

LCS hang-ups...

Galrahn at Information Dissemination discusses the latest hiccups in the Littoral Combat Ship.

Now, the mission modules are being delayed. It seems as if the LCS is having one problem after another, including the cancellation of LCS-3 (the second of Lockheed Martin's monohull design for the LCS).

Can readers say, "Flight II Perry-class frigates"? That's what we ought to start looking into ASAP.

No scandal here...

Or, there shouldn't be about the FBI director using a Gulfstream to fly around the country.

Folks, some people need to be able to stay in touch at all times. The Director of the FBI is one of them. It's worth the $3.6 million per year - and the initial purchase of that plane.

Because, when it comes right down to it, senior members of the agencies and departments responsible for our national defense, including the intelligence community and law-enforcement agencies (particualrly federal, but also state and those of major cities) are never on vacation. Oh, Director Mueller may decide to go deep-sea fishing off the Florida Keys for a week, but if a crisis happens, heis back on the job.

Don't believe me? Well, look at 9/11. That day, Secretary of State Colin Powell was in Latin America for a summit. CINCCENT, General Tommy Franks, was also out of the country.

Tell me again why someone like the FBI Director shouldn't be using jets with communications gear that will let then stay in touch whereever they are.

Monday, June 11, 2007

MacsMind on Lieberman...

MacRanger has a good post on Joe Lieberman's comments about Iran. With many of the Sunni tribes falling into line with the Iraqi government, the last major obstacle to a stable Iraq is Iran's meddling.

He also correctly nails the hard left on their disingenuousness. If they support the troops, why won't they support an effort to do something about those who help the terrorists kill them?

One new blogroll entry...

Yeah, I do seem to be adding them - and a variety, too. Last weekend, it was Touch `em All, a baseball blog. Now, it's Information Dissemination, which talks Navy matters.

Check it out.

Friday, June 08, 2007

One new entry...

I've added Touch `em All - a blog by someone who bleeds blue. I bleed a slightly different shade of blue - and my shade of blue's gonna be winning in the playoffs.

The folks wearing her preferred shade of blue... well, right now, they'd be watching them on TV.

I hope she has no hard feelings...


Now, the photo to the left is a better shade of blue for that blogger.

Amatuer draft day...

The Brewers got Matt LaPorta at #7 overall. A bat like Ryan Braun's that will hopefully be up and playing left field on Opening Day 2009. About the time Geoff Jenkins' contract runs out.

This ought to be fun.

An interesting idea...

I have long been of the opinion that Vladimir Putin is getting a bum rap - even from one pundits whose writing I have enjoyed. In this case, we have another example.

A number of people Russia are understandably not thrilled with the notion of America gaining more influence in Eastern Europe. This mean that Putin has to play to Russian public opinion to a degree. That said, Putin seems mature enough to understand that due to the actions of the Soviet Union, Russia's not exactly going to be on the best of terms with Eastern Europe.

So, while he has opposed the idea of a missile shield, he came up with a counter-offer: Install a radar in Azerbaijan. Putin also suggested the use of sea-based interceptors from Aegis vessels. While I'm no anti-air warfare expert, the Baltic and Med don't seem to offer quite the geometry that a land-based system in Poland would provide.

I think in this case, a compromise is in order. The US wants a land-based system and radar in Europe, Putin wants the radar in Azerbaijan and a sea-based system on American warships. My modest proposal is that we build both radars and take approaches to deploying interceptors. Putin will be able to say that he influenced the American missile defense system, Bush can say he kept his word to Poland and the Czech Republic, and we have even better capability top defend our NATO allies if Iran does something friggin' stupid.

Note to conservatives: This is how a disagreement should be handled - in a civil tone, and with efforts to understand and address the concerns of the other party.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

My vote of no confidence in conservatism...

With a five-year sunset, the Senate has turned what had been an OK bill into nothing more than a band-aid on melanoma. If this provision cannot be removed in conference, then the deal will collapse.

At this point, I cannot begin to describe how disillusioned I am with conservatism. In the past couple of years, it seems to me that the movement has become not only more strident, but also it has sought to purify itself via the establishment of litmus tests. Indeed, when a pro-life President who has cut taxes and has been valiantly fought a global war on terror is called an alleged conservative, things have gone beyond the pale. Of all of these, the immigration litmus test is perhaps the most pernicious - it is one that has pushed conservatism to the brink of moral bankruptcy in my opinion.

Strong words? Well, no. My post in response to a Deb Saunders column provides the best example of this bankruptcy. So do my other posts on the matter. In essence, they backed up a couple of Border Patrol agents, who, after a questionable shooting, returned to the scene and tampered with the evidence.

Michelle Malkin, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter, and others are calling these agents heroes who have been persecuted by the Bush Administration, which seems set upon selling out the United States of America to Mexico via the SPP and tolerating a so-called invasion, with the eventual goal of creating a "North American Union". Ok, it may be a bit of an exaggeration, but that sort of stuff has about as much credibility as the 9/11 truth movement, if you ask me.

It is already hard enough to support a movement that seems to view me as a quisling or traitor (or at least has no problem with people who do - and actively panders to the same). But I cannot be part of a movement that takes this sort of litmus test - which demands that the type of conduct that Ramos and Compean engaged in be celebrated as heroism.

No sale. I'm with AJ-Strata on this one. The immigration hard-liners killed the center-right coalition that largely worked from 1994-2005. Something new will emerge by 2008, largely to deal with the immediate task of keeping an incompetent political party out of power. Will it happen? For the good of the country, I hope so.

All Tancredo has to offer is blackmail...

There is no other conclusion that can be drawn based on the shift in his long-shot campaign.

His track recrod, frankly, sucks. Chris Cannon, the target of his 2006 purge attempt, beat his candidate by a 55.8-44.2 margin. It will fail, but we're only seeing the start of a civil war among the Republican party.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Right goes Kos...

AJ-Strata is on target with a very good post on how conservatism has fallen. It used to be pushing new ideas. Some people on the right still do. But on immigration, it has lost all rationality. The Wall Street Journal's editorial board had it right. Conservatism met he 21st Century - and failed to adapt to it.

In essence, Townhall, RedState, and Free Republic have become the Huffington Post, DailyKos, and DU of the right. Conservatism became reactionary and knee-jerk on immigration, practically nodding its head when someone shouted "Amensty!" - not even bothering to check to see if it was true. And it decided that it could say "Screw `em to the 65%+ of America that favored a comprehensive immigration bill that involved compromise on both sides.

Well, as far as conservatives are concerned, "screw `em". This was not the movement I signed up for when I started to listen to Rush. At this point, I'll be perfectly happy to describe myself as a war-on-terror hawk who favors low tax rates, is opposed to abortion on demand, who favors a generally pro-business agenda, and who think that the bill currently in critical condition was a reasonably good first step towards fixing the problems we have with immigration.

Good-bye conservatism. It's obvious that someone like me is no longer welcome with you.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Barnes explains reality to the right...

Fred Barnes has laid out the reality of the situation regarding the immigration bill. The key graf is below:
Fine, some conservatives think, let's cool our heels. Attitudes on immigration will change. Then we can take action. But this means waiting until Washington is ruled by Senate majority leader Jim DeMint, House speaker Tom Tancredo, and President Pat Buchanan. It means waiting forever.

Doing nothing in the face of an unacceptable status quo is wrong. And in any case, we'd more likely be seeing Senate minority leader Jim DeMint and House Minority Leader Tom Tancredo. They'd make a great stand on principle that would be great for fundraising letters, and good for chest-thumping speeches in front of "the base", but they would lose, and lose badly. We would be stuck with a clearly horrendous piece of legislation.

Jon Kyl did the honorable thing - and the right thing by the country. When he recognized that the majority did not support his views on the matter, he decided to become part of the solution and get as much of his principles reflected as was possible.

We've got an OK bill pending. It's nowhere near perfect. A better bill could have been passed and signed in 2006, but House Republicans took their ball and went home. It may not have been the sole cause of the 2006 midterm disaster, but it didn't help, and it was certainly not the salvation that was promised. Now, those who pushed this want to welsh on paying the bill for failure.

Tip of the hat to AJ-Strata.

Dems incoherent on Iraq...

Eve Fairbanks has a good column in the Examiner showing the Democratic incoherence on Iraq. In this case, withdrawal doesn't really mean withdrawal. We're just going to reduce the number of troops and pretty much do the same thing we've always been doing.

Meanwhile, Strategypage reports that the fighting in Iraq has taken on an Iwo Jima-sort of tone. Tribes have turned against al-Qaeda, and that will leave the terrorists with fewer and fewer places to hide. Is everything about the surge going as planned? No - but that is the nature of war. Did Kido Butai plan on that little encounter with the Nautilus - which caused one destroyer to lag behind, allowing Wade McCluskey to follow it to the carriers and change the course of the battle in five minutes.

The Dems are nowhere near ready for prime-time. Their only hope is that the media can continue to paint a false picture of America losing the war.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The silent majority prevailing?

The opposition to the immigration bill seems to be subsiding, according to a Washington Post article today.

The opposition was very loud and very intense. but at the same time, when even the Rasmussen poll that is supposed to debunk a poll from the New York Times showed that 65% favored the provisions that were in the Senate bill, they were eventually going to lose.

Sadly, there is no avoiding a civil war among the Republican party. There's a lot of anger, hurt feelings, brusied egos, and grudges on both sides. But once the debate is over, the healing can begin.

The latest Democratic debate...

Is it just me, or does the latest Democratic debate leave me with the impression that the Dems are just going along without a clue about what's going on in the real world?

Friday, June 01, 2007

Weeks on DL...

Well, it looks like the first half of June will not be much easier for the Brewers. Rickie Weeks is on the DL with what seems to be some tendinitis in his wrist.

It's not long-term, it's just part of the recovery process for Rickie. Get well soon, Rickie.