Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Why the name Jose is not a big deal, Mr. Krikorian...

Mark Krikorian pitches a fit at the Corner over the name Jose being the most popular among boys born in Texas over the last year. He is taken to task for it, but a bit more response is called for.

Shall we look at what have we seen people with the name Jose accomplish in America in the past? There are a number of All-Star baseball and football players, like Jose Hernandez (all-star shortstop in 2002) and Jose Contreras (all-star pitcher in 2006). Men named Jose are cops, firefighters, lawyers, and in just about any other honorable profession in America.

Oh, yeah, and three men named Jose have earned this country's highest military honor while defending this country: Sergeant Jose M. Lopez, Private First Class Jose F. Valdez, and Private Jose B. Nisperos.

Mr. Krikorian, it seems American has done well by men named Jose. On the other hand, you have managed to out yourself as someone who seems awfully obsessed with people who have Hispanic-sounding names.


SJ Reidhead said...

Okay, I'm speechless. We all know that doesn't happen very often.

I must take you to task on your list. You left off the most famous Jose of them all - Jose Cuervo.

The Pink Flamingo

MLEH said...

sj, cut the poor Mormon boy a little slack! He's not supposed to be well acquainted with Cuervo, even though there was a time when his mama was.