Tuesday, September 09, 2008

No Ordinary Americans Need Apply

I usually have no use for Pat Buchanan, but this is an exception and well worth the read.

She is a businesswoman, someone who has taken on her own side of the argument and won, a mother, a mainstream Christian--in short, a representative of many American women today.

I cannot think of anyone, man or woman, who has inspired this much hatred on the part of their political opponents in such a short time. The level of bile and invective is truly something to behold; and, as so frequently happens, Churchill's maxim about a lie being halfway around the world before the truth has its boots on is demonstrated again to be true.

The left is fond of asking why the Islamists hate us--and answering it ith a recitation of America's alleged (and imagined) sins. Well, why do these oh-so-enlightened-and-tolerant-folks (who have self-righteousness the way some people have BO and halitosis) hate Sarah Palin so damn much?

Because she reminds them that their beliefs are not shared by a majority of ordinary Americans. More importantly, she reminds the rest of America, as well.

Well into the 20th Century, it was not uncommon for "Help Wanted" signs to say "No (Select an Ethicity) Need Apply." To the modern American Left, elective office has a "No Ordinary Americans Need Apply" sign.

Well, here's a cheery yob' tvoyu maht' to the Kos Kids, Air America, and the mainstream press. I'll vote for whoever I damn well please, and y'all can kiss my fundament.

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