Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sabathia and Sheets possibly gone?

The Brewers have made a pretty good offer to Sabathia, but it seems that the f***ing Yankees are putting obscene money down.

And with Ryan Dempster signing for four years, $52 million, the market for Ben Sheets now has a floor figure.

In a sense, it's looking tough for the Crew.

They have to lay out $152 million over five years... which means that Weeks and Fielder would be likely to walk in free agency. Or, they try to keep Weeks and Fielder... and have questions in the rotation, where the top guys would be Parra and Gallardo, who have problems staying healthy.

Even sports looks to be a downer this winter. [sigh]


kyledeb said...

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Maria M. said...
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