Friday, March 31, 2006

Calling BS on Howard Dean...

Howard Dean is telling a real whopper.

If any Republican is trying to reach out to Hispanics, it is George W. Bush, who has called for civility in the debate - a call that some conservatives have not heeded. He has been standing up to all sorts of conservatives by promoting his guest-worker plan, which these conservatives have falsely called an amnesty.

On immigration, conservatives have tolerated some very ugly people like Lawrence Auster, Michael Savage, and Steve Sailer. All too often, when their ugliness has been questioned - and not by the usual suspects (NAACP, La Raza, etc.), but by conservative outlets/individuals like the Wall Street Journal's editorial page or people who founded, the "race-baiting" card is the first to be played to avoid scrutiny. It's happened often enough that I really no longer consider myself a conservative.

That said, when Howard Dean shows he is this divorced from reality, the Democrats are not really an option. Oh, well, I have some new golf clubs - I can spend time learning how to use them.

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