Thursday, March 02, 2006

Deal with it, Michelle...

AJ Strata notes that Michelle Malkin is having a hard time with some of the criticism heading her way. It's not like she didn't have the criticism coming after her factually-challenged description of the United Arab Emirates as "demonstrably unreliable" was blown out of the water.

It's not like it was that hard to look. We live, for good or for ill, in the Age of Google. There really is no excuse for a professional pundit like Michelle Malkin to get things this wrong. A few simple searches were enough for me to find the information for my piece at Information about the UAE's general atmosphere of religious tolerance, their support of the United States in the war on terror, and how that country has helped us out in time of need.

But what makes me even angrier is how Michelle Malkin won't admit she might have made mistakes. Instead, she has chosen to cry race-baiting. For Michelle to cry race-baiting is like the Menendez brothers begging the court for mercy on the grounds that they are orphans.

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