Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Card resigns...

Andy Card has resigned as White House Chief of Staff. If Ankle-Biting Pundits is correct, could this be a preview of who wins the "Karl Rove" primary? I think it is a sign. President Bush has found his successor, and it's going to be a one-term Governor of Massachusetts.

Think about it. Mitt Romney has a few things in common with President Bush. Both got MBAs from Harvard. Both come from political families (albeit Romney's father topped out as governor of Michigan, while President Bush's father was also President). Both are seen as somewhat "heretical" for the GOP (Romney has been seen as pro-choice by some conservatives, President Bush tends to be pro-immigration).

That said, Romney is not a clone of President Bush. He also has had a track record that was more successful in the business world (Did you ever go to Staples? Well, he helped provide the financing to turn it from one store to the giant it is today.). He also is better at speaking to the public. Romney also made it as a Republican governor in Massachusetts.

If Card is heading to Romney, could Karl Rove follow? If so, then romney will have yet another boost in addition to a strong second-place finish in a straw poll in Memphis - among religious conservatives. His supporters got to this straw poll, without much involvement on his part of his campaign. Against Frist (who has been unimpressive this Congress), McCain (who gets a lto of prss for trashing other Republicans), and Allen (who fell flat in this one), he could win the nomination - and the White House.

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