Thursday, February 15, 2007

As progress is made in Iraq, the Democrats try to stop it...

The debate continues in Congress, and there are rumors that it will get worse. It seems Murtha has decided he is not man enough to demand an immediate retreat, but he will instead micro-manage the DOD in a "slow-bleed" strategy.

Aside from the obvious cowardice of this approach, it only goes to show that the Democrats have decided that our troops can be used as political pawns. Is this a consequence of that NBC News report in which some of the troops interviewed openly expressed their frustration?

Now, I think that some critics of the Congressional GOP, like Hugh Hewitt, have gone a bit too far. Quite frankly, the right is not in a position to make demands. When the right threw its weight around on Harriet Miers, immigration, and Terri Schiavo, they pretty much implied that those who disagreed with their tactics and methods were "party hacks" or worse. They needed to save the Congressional majorities in 2006 after having done so. They failed.

Part of the price of failure is that the GOP is not going to accept demands from them. Tom Cole's comments to Hugh Hewitt are not even that objectionable. Hell, given the contents of the newest tape from Al-Qaeda's number two, he is correct.

But demands are not going to fly with the GOP. They lost the Congress by making the right happy. How can making the right unhappy make things any worse for them than they already are?

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