Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ramos and Compean are no heroes...

The latest report on the incident that has made these two dirty Border Patrol agents a cause celebre for various folks on the right is out.

Turns out that in addition to shooting a fleeing suspect and not reporting it, they lied about it and destroyed evidence. The failure to report, lying about it, and destruction of evidence - in other words, trying to cover up the shooting - tells me they knew they did wrong, and they deserve to do the time and take everything that comes with it.

Those demanding pardons for these men have no respect for the rule of law. We cannot tolerate cops who misuse deadly force. With the badge and the gun come obligations and responsiblities to the people they are there to serve and protect.

Jeffrey Sutton has doen the right thing, and deserves to be commended for his diligence to duty. That some will condemn him for doing his job is a shame. Doubly so since many of them cite "rule of law" as a reason to oppose the President on immigration. Hypocrisy, anyone?

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