Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Return with Honor...

Dick Cheney has drawn some attention for his comments in Japan. These comments are dead on target. Our troops deserve nothing less than an honorable return, and the only way to ensure that their return is honorable is to support them on the way to victory.

Flopping Aces has three cartoons posted that make a very critical point. From all indications to date, the surge is succeeding. However, John Muthra wants to cut off the reinforcements needed to keep it going. The cartoons illustrate it better than any words can.

Harsh? Not really. These cartoons are no harsher than the rhetoric fired at the Bush Administration from the likes of Joe Wilson and others, no harsher than the phony claims of doctored intelligence that have been leveled against Doug Feith and others and no less harsh than the comments from Seymour Hersh this past fall.

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