Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Does the GOP wish to kiss off another voting block?

In the last two elections, the Hispanic vote has been about 8% of the electorate.

That is why I find this Steven Malanga article to be disingenuous.


Look at the African-American voting share. In the least two elections, it has been at 11 and 10 percent, respectively.

In both elections, it is a 89-10 split, or 9 to 1. In essence, the GOP is down by a net of 8 percentage points in a good year. In a bad year, it is close to 9.

Now, take the 8% Hispanic vote and give the Dems a 70-30 split. That is 5.6 to 2.4, or a net loss of 3.2 percent in the national popular vote.

And we are to believe that Hispanic voting clout is a myth.

I think I'm gonna say this myth has NOT been busted.


SJ Reidhead said...

How's the new job?

I find the City Journal to be one of the most outrageously biased (against Hispanics) as anything out there that doesn't have a "white supremacist" rubber stamp on it.

I am not surprised about this at all.

SJ Reidhead
the Pink Flamingo

Erik said...

Are you suggesting that it would have been best if the members of the GOP had all lined up in favor of amnesty/path-to-citizenship/legalization/normalization/whatever-you-call-it so that they wouldn't offend Hispanic voters? If that isn't the very definition of pandering, I can't imagine what is. And if your vision of the country's future (fundamental policies and voting patterns determined primarily by racial/ethnic considerations), then it is indeed a bleak one.

Harold C. Hutchison said...


Let's be blunt. When President Bush was proposing a very reasonable plan that did include some punishment for illegal immigrants, the GOP was performing well among Hispanics - the support was increasing over time.

When hard-liners revolted, and were given the spotlight by the media, the support plummeted. And they continue to argue along lines that are easily distorted as racist.

So it is time to hold the folks who made a bad call - the folks who FAILED - accountable.

And right now, I am far more interested in winning the global war on terror than waging a culture war that is, at best, a sideshow.

Erik said...

There is obviously a huge gulf between us.