Monday, October 01, 2007

Things I don't like...

I don't like sore losers, and I really don't like backstabbers.

Now it seems that there is a distinct possibility that some on the social right want to be both.

Some background: In 1994, I was backing Ollie North for the U.S. Senate in Virginia (well, as much as someone in high school and a college freshman could). He faced a primary challenge at the instigation of Senator John Warner. Ollie won the challenge, but then John Warner, DESPITE having had his go-around in the primary, ran a third-party challenger who siphoned off enough votes to re-elect Charles Robb.

I am proud to say that John Warner never got a vote from me.

Now, thirteen years later, I am feeling a bit of deja vu. This time, the social right is thratening to go third party if their guy doesn't win the primary.

The foreseeable consequence is to place a Democrat in the White House - and the leading Democrats have shown that the result will be a disaster with regards to the global war on terror. It's disgusting, and quite frankly, unpatriotic of them.

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gatorbait said...

They'll just say "It's Gawd's will" and smugly shout to all who will( and won't ) listen about how righteous and correct they are , whilst continually whining about the satanists (whom they assured elsetion) . Jackasses