Monday, October 15, 2007

If there was any doubt...

Al Gore receiving the Nobel Peace Prize should remove all doubt about that award having become noting more than a joke.

Sorry, but Gore did nothing to advance world peace. All he did was push junk science, and get an Oscar for his presenation (and the Oscars are becoming a joke, too).

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Ken Prescott said...

Yasser Arafat getting the Nobel was a joke.

I'm going to recapitulate his strategy for getting a Nobel Prize:

1. Form an organization of like-minded people
2. Kill lots of people I dislike
3. Sign an agreement printed on authentic, genuine paper wherein I promise to stop killing people I dislike

Notice that I don't have to actually stop killing people . . .

Hell, I haven't killed anyone at all, lately. I've been pretty damn peaceable in spite of enormous provocation. SO WHERE'S MY (OBSCENE AJECTIVAL MODIFIER DELETED) NOBEL PEACE PRIZE?