Friday, November 30, 2007

Another Democrat protecting Iran

It looks like Joe Biden is now joining James Webb in going to the mat for Iran.

Let's review some of what Iran has been doing:
* They support Hezbollah, the terrorist group that bombed the Marine Barracks in 1983, with all sorts of weapons, including C-802 anti-ship missiles.

* They have provided weapons to insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan - weapons used in fatal attacks against our troops.

* The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has sent advisors to terrorist groups and the insurgents in Iraq.

* Iranian leadership has openly declared their intentions to acquire nuclear weapons and to wipe Israel (perhaps America's best friend in the Middle East) off the map.

Biden's defense of this regime is appalling. What part of "Iran helps terrorists kill our troops" doesn't he understand?


Ken Prescott said...

James Webb has, by supporting the regime that bombed the Marine Barracks in Beirut, turned his back on the Marine Corps, and should be publicly reviled and shunned by all Marines, present and former, and screw Article 88.

Galrahn said...

I say Biden should go for it.

He'll realize real quick like that Senators can't bring articles of impeachment, confirming once again Biden is an idiot.