Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why I'm not backing McCain, Reason #3382343

Liz Mair discusses John McCain's attack on Rudy Giuliani.

Perhaps the most damning is this sentence from the "correct answer" given for one of the questions on a quiz.
The nomination of Rudy Giuliani would likely lead to the formation of a third party made up of social conservatives.
Quite revealing, if you ask me. In essence, John McCain is willing to give the third-party types a stronger hand if it increases his chance.

It's the nasty side of John McCain, which has, in the past, flared up. In this campaign, his supporters have Mormon-baited, particularly in South Carolina. Repeatedly. And it was not hard to track it down, either.

It's the reason why McCain's an also-ran, and Giuliani is the front-runner. McCain will disagree with you and jab you in the eye. Even if you agree with him, you can find his approach counter-productive in the extreme. Giuliani may disagree with you, but he works to find common ground.

Thus endeth the post.

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