Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Witherspoon's baggage...

It seems that the Tancredobots have found their challenger to Lindsey Graham: Sitting RNC member Buddy Witherspoon. Pink Flamingo did some digging, and found out some stuff that people ought to know.

Read it - and keep it in mind the next time Michelle Malkin complains about "race-baiting" or "misrepresentation" - when someone's tied with the Council of Conservative Citizens, he's with some very shady company. Malkin seems willing to look the other way.

I doubt that South Carolina voters will.


Ken Prescott said...

Vishnu and Mithras on a freakin' pogo stick!

DwightSchrute said...

Can you possibly repost that blog here? I refuse to navigate that Pink Flamingo trainwreck. The layout looks like it was done by a retarded 8 year old on acid.