Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Call it...

The GOP has apparently made its decision for the nomination.

In one sense, it is nice to see the talk-radio hosts and pundits ignored by the Republican primary electorate. But the problem is that a large chunk of the social conservatives, specifically the religious right, have now been outed as religious bigots.

Harsh? Just the harsh truth.

Just look at the stuff Article6Blog has unearthed in months of coverage. And while the anecdotes are not proof in and of themselves, they are backed up by the Vanderbilt study. So, fundamentally, there was a large portion of the conservative movement that decided to disqualify Mitt Romney due to where he went for church.

At this point, I will sit out the Virginia primary. The attack on McCain's service as a POW was way below the belt. In November, I expect McCain will be the GOP nominee I vote for. After then, it's about 90% likely that I will probably re-affiliate as an independent, joining AJ-Strata and The Anchoress, among others. I may be talked out of this, but it will take a LOT of doing by McCain's people.

That's just how it will be. I have things that I am very satisfied doing, and the time I will now have for them will be well-spent. Because, quite frankly, conservatives pushed me too far.

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MLEH said...

Registering as an independent in Virginia is asking to be disenfranchised. The truth is, if you want to change things, the answer is to become MORE involved at the grassroots level, not to withdraw from the field entirely. It'll be a long, hard slog, because the Virginia GOP is controlled by folks who don't understand that politics is the art of the possible. But if you get involved and encourage others who think like you to join you, and if you all stay the course and don't pack up your marbles and go home, you may have a chance to make things better.

Picking up your marbles and going home in a huff to sulk won't make anything better.

Strangely enough, for slightly different reasons, I found myself urging the older of your sisters to become involved at the grassroots level.

That whirring sound you hear is my mother spinning in her grave.