Friday, February 08, 2008

Noted, Dr. Dobson...

James Dobson certainly played things cagey prior to Super Tuesday.

He told people to vote against McCain on Monday. But he didn't bother to actually endorse anyone until after Mitt Romney withdrew from the race.

Never mind what Romney did in Massachusetts after gay marriage was imposed on that state. Never mind the way Romney had lived his life. Never mind that in his time as an ecclesiastical leader, he never took a penny (and probably made financial sacrifices in that role, unlike Mike Huckabee).

But it seems his wife worked to exclude Mormons from the National Day of Prayer events in 2004.

If it looks like anti-Mormon bias and sounds like anti-Mormon bias... then you ain't likely to go broke betting on anti-Mormon bias.

Yob tvoyu maht, Dr. Dobson. I ought to vote for McCain on Tuesday to spite your religiously bigoted ass.

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SJ Reidhead said...

Well, you have me on this one. Lord have mercy! I am so sick of this. This is out and out prejudice. I don't know what you do or say.

It's like this, and I am not trying to sound trite - the whole conservative blogsphere treats Episcopalians like dirt. Most at least try to do lip-service about your faith. They outright hate mine. (And Rowan Williams doesn't help).

I am sick and tired about the way Episcopalians are treated - we're liberal dirt. I can just imagine how you are starting to feel.

I thought we were over this. Is it possible the far right conservatives are as intolerant as they are portrayed?

Have you heard the numbers on and LDS candidate and people being uncomfortable and evangelicals? The numbers are both about the same with people not wanting them in the White House.

Is it possible this is as much anti-religion as it is anything else. Look how Obama is being treated over his church. Let's face it, religious bigotry is alive and well.

Now - what are we going to do about it?

The Pink Flamingo