Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Does Obama think I'm stupid?

Barack Obama's speech last night really frosted me - the key part is below.
Obama noted that although George Bush and Dick Cheney won't be on the ballot this November--loud applause--"the Bush-Cheney war and the Bush-Cheney tax cuts for the wealthy, those will be on the ballot. If I am the nominee, John McCain won't be able to say that I ever supported this war in Iraq, because I opposed it from the start. Senator McCain said the other day that we might be mired for a hundred years in Iraq. A hundred years, which is reason enough not to give him four years in the White House."
Come to think of it, I have been bugged by his constant talk of "ending the war" - at least as it pertains to Iraq.

The argument we get from him is shockingly cynical. He seems to think that people who take the threat of Islamofacism seriously don't want the war to end.

His assumption, as reflected in his speeches and ads, couldn't be further from the truth.

I think everyone wants the war to be over. The real question is how the war ends. President Bush and John McCain want to win. A war that is won is a war that has, by definition, ended. Which, of course, Barack Obama doesn't see fit to acknowledge.

On the other hand, Obama says he wants to end the war. Yet he seems unwilling to win, and goes so far as to say we should not have fought:
We can't keep spending what we don't have in a war that shouldn't have been fought.
In other words, he wants to quit. This is where he thinks I am stupid or something. By quitting, America loses.

I don't like it when people treat me like an idiot. I do not care if it is Mike Huckabee playing his cynical Mormon-baiting games and then turning around to complain that ads about his record are negative, Michelle Malkin claiming that anything short of deportation is amnesty, environmentalists who claim that whales are more important than our sailors and the restrictions on ASW training they want are reasonable, or Barack Obama cynically claiming that those who want victory do not want to end the war. I tend to have a very visceral and negative reaction to that sort of thing.

That's why John McCain got my primary vote, and why he will probably get my vote in November.

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