Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ephedra ban back...

And this time, it looks like it is for good. There are two other aspects that have yet to be tried, but the 10th Circuit seems ready to back a ban that is foolish, and frankly, unwarranted.

With the refusal to re-hear, I guess the 10th Circuit has decided that I have to take the hit for someone else's failure to properly use dietary supplements with ephedra.

I know full well I need to lose some weight. Ephedra-based supplements have helped me do so in the past. At present, I have some stocked up that I can use. When they run out, I suppose I will have to find a new supply, or find a substitute.


SJ Reidhead said...

I completely disagree. I took a product that had the most evil of supplements in it one time - for 24 hours. I thought I would never be able to be sane and sober again. It was probably one of the worst moments in my life - and that is considering a heck of a lot of stuff. I think ephendra should be banned.

The Pink Flamingok

Michael said...

You cant say that you think ephedra should be banned just because you were too ignorant to use it properly. That is on the consumer. There are alcoholics people dying of alcoholism and poisoning everyday. How well did alcohol prohibition work. Stupid people deserve what they get.