Friday, December 15, 2006

It's not whining, Michelle.

Ed Morrissey provides some balanced discussion of the ICE raids. He notes at the end that Michelle Malkin implies that it makes him a whiner. I won't link to Malkin. I don't care for her. The characterization of those who disagree with her as whiners is but a small reason for it.

But those like her who harp on the consequences of not doing something - then try to ignore or shut off debate about the consequences (and costs) of their preferred course of action. It's hypocritical of them.

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SallyVee said...

You are a brave man to state that you don't care for Malkin. She has an eerie ability to snatch and drag men especially into her brittle and chilly world. My conservative women friends see through her and recognize her imperious & deceptive tactics, but the men not so much. Maybe there is finally a tiny crack in Fortress Malkin.

The truth is, I owe Ms. Malkin a note of thanks. It was her steel face, black eyes, and relentless harping on a couple of issues that made me see where I was headed, and begin to question the integrity of the Right Wing blog-o-chipper.