Monday, December 18, 2006

Why profiling won't work...

AJ_Strata reports that Al-Qaeda is now trying to train up folks from Western countries as terrorists.

This is exactly why ethnic profiling - or profiling on the basis of religion - will not work. Contrary to the claims of people like Michelle Malkin, an adversary wille ventually adapt to the profiling, and then act accordingly. There may be decoys sent that match the profile, while the real attack will be carried out by those who will not meet the profile at all.

The answer is a stronger intelligence community, allowing them to communicate with law enforcement agencies about any and all threats, and taking proactive measures via Special Operations Command (and other commands). It has never been about building a wall on the southern border or assuming that every Arab (or Moslem) male is a terrorist, or that every Hispanic or Spanish-sounding name is an illegal immigrant.

Such things are not PC among conservatives these days. I'll be discussing that later.

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