Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tehran Holocaust Denial Conference II

Wherever that Holocaust denial conference is being held, a JDAM needs to drop in. Stat. Protests and diplomacy will do nothing. Ahmadinejad is continuing his outright threats to wipe Israel off the map. David Duke is denying the gas chambers existed.

Ahmadienjad's rhetoric is not that of a stable person. If anything, it is a sign that the mullahs may be considering a geopolitical equivalent of "suicide by cop". The theocratic regime in Iran is not popular. The younger generation is looking towards the west - towards the United States and Europe.

For Islamic extremists, it is acceptble to kill a woman if she is acting "too Western" - it is called an "honor killing". The mullahs in Iran are coming up with a sick, twisted version. Unable or unwilling to do it themselves, they will instead provoke the United States and/or Israel into doing so, probably via the geopolitical "suicide by cop" (let's call this "suicide by STRATCOM").

This holocaust denial conference is helping the theocratic dictatorship set the stage to carry it out. David Duke - and others - need to be taken into custody upon their return home and prosecuted.


Ken Prescott said...

Just out of curiousity...

What would the charge be? Something out of the Logan Act, perhaps?

Harold C. Hutchison said...

Logan Act could work. There's also support for terrorism (in other words, aiding in Ahmadinejad's propaganda efforts).

Both of those should do the job.