Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Comeback Mitt?

Mitt Romney has pulled off a comeback with his victory in Michigan.

The good news here is the failure of Huckabee's politics of religious identity.

The Democrats also have some problems. If Hillary wins, she will not only face an energized GOP, but there will also be an arguably lackadaisical turnout for her among the hard-core left.

The GOP may have a shot at the Presidency and the House. The Senate is going to be tough.

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MLEH said...

Looking at the breakdown of the exit polls was very interesting. It was immensely gratifying to see that Romney out-polled Huckabee among conservative Evangelical Christians. But then, Huckabee's declaration that the Constitution should be amended to conform to God's standards is enough to give a lot of people pause. [shudder]

Michigan is a bit of a special case for Romney, however, since it's really his home turf. It remains to be seen whether he receives any sort of bounce from the win, though I think he might. And certainly, as the economy becomes more of an issue, it plays into his expertise and his strengths. Then, too, in both SC and FL, the religion thing is unfortunately likely to rear its ugly head.

I will be very interested to see what comes of today's hearings in Oregon on the NH push polling case. If either McCain or Huckabee supporters are tied to that particular dirty trick, it could tip the balance in SC, I think.