Monday, January 07, 2008

The type of change I want to see...

AJ-Strata has an excellent post on the changes we need in this country.

1. I want to see the country get behind our troops fully - that means supporting them until the victory is won.

2. I want to see an end to a lot of this bickering. Get some forward progress - start trying to solve the problems instead of insisting upon ideologically pure solutions.

3. I want the ugliness gone - that includes the shit Mike Huckabee pulled in Iowa (the politics of religious identity), and will probably pull in South Carolina as well.

4. I want terrorists to get their asses kicked. Hard. I want Gitmo running, and I want those terrorists talking. And I really don't care if some al-Qaeda thug gets roughed up.

5. Oh, and cutting tax rates would be nice, too.

6. Oh... and let's make sure our troops get the new gear they need, as well.

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terrye said...

I don't think anything Huckabee supposedly did in Iowa is anywhere near as cynical as Romney's sell out to the mass deportation people has been. I do agree that the bickering needs to stop, but I consider your attitude toward Huckabee to be the same thing as bickering. He is the front runner, if you run off his supporters Republicans do not have a chance. At least try to be graceful enough that the Huckabee people do not sit home in disgust.