Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State of the Union...

President Bush gave his last State of the Union address last night.

Overall, you have to admit that the man has produced results. This is something that he does not get credit for, particularly from the right.

As much as it may frost some conservatives to read this, President Bush managed to get a number of conservative reforms enacted in areas like education, health care, and medical research. He did it by being willing to give a little to get the first toeholds for these reforms - and for that, he took a lot of flak from those who decided that his actions were "unprincipled". I'd like to know just what the Ingraham/Malkin/Noonan/Tancredo axis managed to accomplish over the least eight years, other than showing how a few malcontents can wreck a governing coalition over the short term.

Mitt Romney has shown a lot of the same style that President Bush did - just look at the way he handled health care in Massachusetts. He found the problem, then tailored a solution to that problem - even though some think tanks gave him a lot of grief. Again, it is your choice - you can go with a think tank or pundit who can put stuff out in a vacuum, or you can trust someone who's on the ground and who has to deal with the problem.

Hopefully, the GOP can tell off the folks who caused us some very real problems ove rthe last three years - mostly by getting in the way of common sense solutions.

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