Sunday, April 06, 2008

Anti-Mormon motivations? UPDATED

Race42008 has some more info on some of the backers of the ad opposing Mitt Romney as McCain's running mate.

Read their track records. Then ask for yourself if the objection is really about social liberalism, or if it's because he is Mormon.

Because I know what this looks and sounds like to me. So, do I believe the protests of people like commenter FreedomFighter in a previous post on that ad, or do I believe my own eyes?

UPDATE: More discussion at Townhall.

UPDATE 2: Redstate commenters blow off concerns about the ad.

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MLEH said...

While there is a wide streak of classic anti-Mormonism in the opposition to Romney, I don't think you can chalk it all up to deep-seated religious bigotry. Romney was never able to counter effectively the flip-flopper, rich-guy-trying-to- buy-his-way-to-the-White-House image that his opponents painted. One of the cardinal rules for successful political campaigns is never, never let your opponents define you or your positions on the issues. Once Romney lost control of his image and message, he simply couldn't recover.

I'm awfully ambivalent about Romney on the McCain ticket. While I think he'd be a decent VP - heck, I think he'd be a decent President - by all measures, it would be tough to be McCain's wingman, both during the campaign, and after it, win or lose. Romney would probably be better served by following Reagan's example after '76. I think the 2008 campaign will make him a wiser, better candidate next time 'round.