Monday, April 07, 2008

William J. Murray tries to pull the woll over people's eyes...

William J. Murray's response to the outcry over his anti-Mitt ad is yet another example of the volume of disingenuous comments made by the anti-Mitt social conservatives.

He's trying to claim that Mitt Romney being Mormon had nothing to do with that open letter.

Race42008 listed some comments made about Mormons by signatories to that letter:

  • Matt Barber, Policy Director, Concerned Women for America quoted here as helping a reformed homosexual who converted to Mormonism find “scripturally-sound” evangelical churches to attend.
  • Ted Baehr, Author of Culture Wise Family, on the September 11th film: “What [the character of] Brigham Young does in the movie is talk about…that you have to have blood atonement… This is going to be an issue [for Romney]. ”
  • Janet Folger, President Faith2Action, See here: “Romney, as a Mormon, doesn’t believe Jesus was God’s only Son (Lucifer, they claim, was his ‘brother’). Nor does he believe in the virgin birth. Instead, Mormons believe God the Father had physical sex with Mary. The word blasphemy comes to mind. A bit more than a mere ‘denominational difference,’ don’t you think?”
  • Gary Glenn, President AFA, Michigan, played the “religion card” in his GOTV efforts for Huckabee
  • James Hartline, Founder and Publisher, California Christian News: “San Diego Republican Party Hits New Low - Invites Cult Member As Christmas Party Guest Of Honor” - “Mormon politics is more about promoting the economic interests of the Mormon Church and its wealthy members rather than any pseudo Biblical beliefs.”
  • Linda Harvey, President Mission America: “He used his Republican and Mormon identity to push through radical policies on gay marriage, abortion and pro-homosexual school programs that Ted Kennedy always dreamed about.” - link
  • Gregg Jackson: Writes here in an article entitled: “Is this the end of Evangelicalism in America?”: “A cornerstone of the Mormon Church, Grudem writes, is the classic heresy of Saint Paul’s day – angel worship. In his book, Grudem insists that an orthodox Christian must practice the theology he reads. So why would he step forward to become part of the Mitt Romney propaganda blitz trying to mislead evangelicals into doing what would shock most evangelicals in American history: elect a Mormon for president? “
  • Peter LaBarbera: “The sponsor of a homosexual-inclusive “hate crimes” bill in Utah is hailing the support of two Mormon-owned media organs, signaling the neutrality of the powerful and socially conservative church on an issue that is seen by many family advocates as the first step in the wider ‘gay’ agenda.”
So, Mr. Murray, who do I believe, you or what I'm reading with my own eyes? Seeing as you have borne false witness about Romney, I'll stick with my own eyes.


Winghunter said...

That letter isn't what evangelicals should be outraged about, it is how evangelicals have themselves acted in this election that they should be rightfully humiliated.

Understand that our country's biggest priorities are not abortion or Homo's getting "married". They can not be quick-fixed with Constitutional Amendments nor should they be tried according to our founding fathers design of government. Federalism is the path we were instructed to follow and knowing you're as blind as bats following pandering con artists who are willing to tell you anything just to get your ignorant votes is ALL on you...wake up and smell what you're shoveling!

By any measure of sanity or basic common sense you people should KNOW these things, WHY do you not!?

LEARN and then demonstrate you're capable of your own governance;

How the Republican Party Committed National Suicide By JB Williams

Who Hijacked the Primaries? by Brett Winterble

The Death of Conservatism? 43 Mistakes and the GOP's Dobson's Choice

GOP Leads Astray

Mormons Are Christian said...

Mitt is not a Creedal Christian. However, he does believe in the Jesus Christ of the New Testament:
The Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) is often accused by Evangelical pastors of not believing in Christ and, therefore, not being a Christian religion. This article helps to clarify such misconceptions by examining early Christianity's comprehension of baptism, the Godhead, the deity of Jesus Christ and His Atonement.

The Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) adheres more closely to First Century Christianity and the New Testament than any other denomination. For example, Harper’s Bible Dictionary entry on the Trinity says “the formal doctrine of the Trinity as it was defined by the great church councils of the fourth and fifth centuries is not to be found in the New Testament.”

One Baptist blogger stated “99 percent of the members of his Baptist church believe in the Mormon (and Early Christian) view of the Trinity. It is the preachers who insist on the Nicene Creed definition.” It seems to me the reason the pastors denigrate the Church of Jesus Christ (LDS) is to protect their flock (and their livelihood).

Evangelicals should read:

Giterdone said...

Harold, assuming your quotes are accurate, no question you've got some of those folks dead to rights making comments obviously critical of the Church.


1. You falsely attributed to Matt Barber a comment made in fact by the LDS convert, as reported -- if you read carefully -- at the very link you yourself provided.

2. Where's any quote by Gary Glenn saying anything negative about the Church? All your link shows is that Glenn urged Huckabee supporters not to call or distribute literature at churches (LDS included) which polls showed were supporting Gov. Romney. That's kind of a no-brainer if you're trying to turn out Huck vote, but it doesn't make somebody anti-Mormon. Unless you've got more evidence than that.

3. Similarly, what's "anti-Mormon" about what Linda Harvey said? It's obviously anti-Romney, but are you seriously suggesting that not supporting Gov. Romney is = being anti-Mormon? I know about half a dozen members of the Church who didn't vote for Gov. Romney. One I know even voted for Huckabee!

4. Likewise with Peter LaBarbara's simply factual citation about the Deseret News and KSL-TV endorsing Utah's "hate crime" bill a few years back, which stirred up a big controversy in the valley. Church HQ was even quoted as slamming the head of Utah Eagle Forum who herself is a a prominent member of the Church. It wasn't pretty, and the bill failed. But what's "anti-Mormon" about simply stating a reported and truthful fact, as LaBarbara did? Are media outlets that at the time reported the exact same thing you attribute to LaBarbara also "anti-Mormon" because they simply reported the news?

5. And likewise, maybe, with the quote you attribute to Ted Baehr. I haven't seen the film he's talking about, so I don't know if President Brigham Young said something about blood atonement or not. But if what Baehr said is true, then what's "anti-Mormon" about him accurately stating that's the case and expressing his opinion that a Hollywood movie about the Church might have political implications for Gov. Romney's campaign. Is is not obvious that discussion of Gov. Romney's faith has indeed had political implications for his campaign?

No doubt whatsoever that some of those signers are clearly anti-Mormon. But my point is, in your zeal to indict all with the signers with the same broad brush, you should have taken greater care not to be guilty of the same reaching of which you accuse them.

The obvious stretches to which you yourself resorted (in my opinion) call into question whether you accurately quote the others for whom you don't provide live links.

But if your quotes on the others are in fact accurate, it certainly proves that SOME of the signers are hostile not just to Gov. Romney but to the Church itself.