Friday, April 04, 2008

Weyrich proves untrustworthy...

Memo to Mitt Romney: The next time you run for President, do not trust Paul Weyrich.

The reason: The ad that Weyrich signed on to. (Article 6 Blog has some info here.)

What changed between the time Romney ran for office and even suspended his campaign, and the present day, when he is one of those mentioned as a possible Vice Presidential nominee? I can think of only two things: 1. Romney dropped out and ultimately endorsed McCain, citing the needs of the country and the GOP and 2. Mike Huckabee's complaints that conservative leaders didn't back him.

So now, Weyrich seems to be caving in to complaints from Mike Huckabee. In one sense, you cannot blame him for the second factor - his bread is buttered by these people.

That said, there things that must be said openly: Weyrich's flip-flop makes him untrustworthy. He's not someone who will have your back. He seems to be an individual whose personality is that of a Soviet-era zampolit.

It should also be noted some major Huckabee supporters were behind the ad. I guess they're saying Mormons need not apply for VP as well.


SJ Reidhead said...

Don't you just love these guys?

The Pink Flamingo

FreedomFighter said...

Harold must certainly have been suffering temporary braindeath when he dared put the following words to keyboard:

"There (are) things that must be said openly: Weyrich's flip-flop makes him untrustworthy."

And this accusation that flip-flopping makes someone untrustworthy is leveled at someone else by a...

ROMNEY supporter?!

How many times would I have to type LOLOLOL, etc., etc., to indicate that the laughter should never stop?

But break out the violins as yet another despondent Romney defender is congenitally incapable of refraining from playing the religious bigotry and victimhood card, as Harold writes:

"I guess they're saying Mormons need not apply for VP as well."

You want some cheese with that whine, Harold? Please spare us.

What they're obviously saying is that THIS Mormon need not apply.

The "No Mitt" ad's only reference to Romney's religion casts his faith in a positive light (as juxtaposed against his public policy record on abortion and the homosexual issues):

The ad says: "Romney's actions as governor flatly contradict both the VALUES WIDELY ASSOCIATED WITH HIS FAITH as well as his pro-life and pro-traditional marriage campaign rhetoric."

In other words, the signers of the ad make clear that they SHARE and are DEFENDING the pro-family values widely associated with Mitt's church, since they're specifically criticizing him for actions that contradict those values.

Show us a candidate who doesn't have a record of promoting abortion on demand and the homosexual agenda, who doesn't endorse state "gay rights" laws, who doesn't oppose the Boy Scouts policy on homosexuals -- all Romney positions in contradiction to the values of his own church -- and many more social conservatives will support THAT Mormon.

Harold C. Hutchison said...


Weyrich was perfectly willing to back Romney for President earlier this year. There are only two things that seem to have changed:

1. Mitt Romney accepted the results of the Republican primary, dropping out and endorsing the person who had won under the rules that governed the Republican presidential primaries.

2. Mike Huckabee complained that he didnot get conservative endorsements (never mind the fact that he made several campaign statements and had a track record as governor of Arkansas that were to the left of mainstream GOP positions, this included his comments about the Bush Administration's "bunker mentality" and waging class warfare during the campaign. And let's not discuss Huckabee's election-year flip-flop on immigration...).

If Weyrich's flip-flop is due to number one, then he is clearly placing the needs of conservatism over the country, and as such, I now have to question the man's patriotism.

If it is over reason number 2, then Weyrich is little better than a weathervane, blowing whichever way the wind is, and he will turn on a politician at the drop of the hat when he feels he might gain an advantage or if the heat from his supporters is too much - that he is incapable of taking a stand that might be unpopular with his supporters. This makes him demonstrably unreliable in that he is unwilling to lead.

And I will stand by my statement about Huckabee supporters setting up a "Mormons need not apply" sign for the Republican Presidential and now Vice Presidential nominations.

For a list of the evidence, check out this post from February, when I cast my vote in Virginia's Republican primary.

Now, who do I believe, you, or what I saw from Huckabee's supporters with my own eyes?

FreedomFighter said...

O.K., Harold, so I assume you exempt at least Weyrich from your list of "anti-Mormon bigots," since he actually endorsed the guy at one point. Or are you thinking Paul didn't know Mitt was a Mormon, or that Paul knew but only in the last few weeks became a bigot?

Far more believable that Weyrich found out something about Romney's record that changed his mind. For example, Weyrich endorsed him in November. In December on Meet the Press, Romney reaffirmed his support for state "gay rights" laws, which are anathema to social conservatives including Weyrich.

A couple signers of that ad are Jewish, by the way, a majority of them were NOT Huckabee supporters.

Harold C. Hutchison said...

From what I pieced together, and many of these folks were behind Huckabee, and many are known to have made anti-Mormon comments.

I think it is just as Weyrich may have decided to pander to anti-Mormon bigots and/or the type of people who view tactical and/or strategic disagreements as being sellouts to keep donations flowing in.