Thursday, April 17, 2008

An important case...

Yesterday, oral arguments in Kennedy v. Louisiana were held at the Supreme Court. A summary of the case is here.

I admit to some bias here. I have three nephews... and will become an uncle twice more later this year (I don't know if it's two more nephews, two nieces, or one apiece yet). So, yeah, to a degree, I have an emotional dog in this fight.

Folks, if there is any crime short of murder that warrants the death penalty, then raping a child under 12 fits the bill. The perp here pulled of a very vicious and horrific rape, and then tried to put the blame on someone else. Thankfully, the cops got to the truth of the matter. I think the Louisiana Supreme Court has laid out a strong opinion on this case that should be read.

Hopefully, the Louisiana Supreme Court will be upheld.

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SJ Reidhead said...

I completely disagree. I'm working on something now for The Pink Flamingo with my reasons.

I've been working with an abused child this week. If the person who has raped her for 3 years - her father - would meet this punishment - best case scenario the child would be so scarred she would probably literally loser her mind. Worst case, and what I think would happen - suicide.

The Pink Flamingo