Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Don Surber's point made...

Michelle Malkin, in her latest column, has just backed up Don Surber's point.

She's proceeding to pitch a fit over the lyrics of some of the chart-topping songs. This is just rich with irony. In order to complain about he lyrics, she had to read them. They didn't crop up on her computer screen on their own. She had to seek them out.

She even whines:
What kind of relief do we get from this deadening, coarsening, dehumanizing barrage from young, black rappers and their music industry enablers who have helped turn America into Tourette's Nation?

Well, Michelle, you did not have to look up the lyrics. You probably have a radio in your car. You can preset the stations to your favorites. You can even turn it off, or pop a CD in (there are hundreds at your local Best Buy or Borders).

Your column is several hundred words of complaining about a problem that many people know how to solve. They don't need to run to the FCC to solve it. They don't need to write their congressman, much less a whole frickin' newspaper column, about how upset they are over this. The simply do as Don Surber does.

I do have one question of my own: Where is Xander Cage when you really need him?

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Gilbert_Sundevil said...

Come on. Did you read her article? Her point was less to note the vile lyrics of some rappers (and they are vile) than to hi-light the utter hypocrisy of folks like Al Sharpton. I doubt Ms. Malkin has 50-cent on her i-pod but looked up those lyrics to point out that hypocrisy. Even the fire-breathing lefties that lurk around the site and hate Malkin worse than you do could see it clearly have generally conceded her point.