Tuesday, April 17, 2007

No more war on terror for the UK...

The British have stopped calling the war on terror by its proper name.

Words mean things in this world. Terrorism is beyond the abilities of law enforcement to cope - particularly if it is state-sponsored terrorism. Other than maintaining the failed status quo of the Clinton Administration's approach to terrorism, what other alternative is there but war?


Ken Prescott said...

I would have no problem if they were to change the name to something like "global rubbish removal," "whacking the whackos," or "taking out the trash."

The MoD does have a point: calling it a war gives the bad guys some ego massage. So, we should be even more descriptive of our mission--these people, to use the Texan model of jurisprudence, need killin'.

lurker9876 said...

The Brits need to stop taking the "Politically Correct" approach and learn to stand up to those guys or they will lose their own country.