Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You have a remote... learn how to use it!

Don Surber says something that needs to be said.

I wish that the PTC would simply take this approach rather than run to the FCC demanding that it take Howard Stern (or anyone else) off the air. You don't like the CSI shows? You can change the channel or turn it off. You don't have to whine to the FCC about how violent it is. Lots of folks DO like the CSI shows.

People have no right to force their tastes on others. It's part of the power trip that some conservatives went on. They are picking on Gil Grisson, Horatio Caine, and Mac Taylor - 21st Century versions of Joe Friday, a guy who put bad guys away on a weekly basis. They are picking on Jack Bauer, another one of the heroes many people watch on the small screen.

Talk about a misplaced sense of priorities - we got bigger fish to fry.

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