Monday, April 16, 2007

Soros mouths off...

George Soros has mouthed off again. Of course, it is the usual nonsense. There's no peace in the Middle East because we're too close to the Israelis. Shall we look at some of the maps that the Palestinians have in their textbooks for students?

What has become clear is the agenda for the man with the dough for organizations like MoveOn, the DNC, and other groups: It is nothing short of appeasing regimes that sponsor terrorism and have the intention of committing genocide the instant they think they can get away with it. Note: Soros wants us to deal with the same people who cheered 9/11.

No sale, Mr. Soros. If I'd had my way, the Palestinians would have paid a serious price in terms of American recognition for various Israeli territorial claims as well as the fact that they would not have seen so much as a dime of aid.

They view our restraint at weakness. Maybe it is time to discard that restraint.

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