Monday, April 16, 2007

Why Republicans want Obama...

Eve Fairbanks had a good column last week on Barack Obama and how much support he seems to be getting from conservatives.

For my part, I do prefer Obama to Hillary on a couple of counts.

1. Hillary is Richard Nixon in a skirt. She has both a paranoid streak and an air of ruthlessness. Nixon did incalculable damage to the country via his coverup of Watergate. Hillary could easily do the same.

2. To contrast to Hillary's apparent chenneling of Richard Nixon, Barack Obama seems like a decent enough person. He certainly does not go out of his way to demonize his opponents.

3. I think Obama would be much easier to beat. Until the 2008 Presidential election, he's really not had a tough race. His state legislative races were in districts that he could have won easily in the general. Even his U.S. Senate race was a cakewalk. He also doesn't have that much experience - and against Giuliani or Romney that could be a big negative.

I have nothing against Obama, even though he probably doesn't get my vote. He's a nice guy, he seems sincere, but he's sincerely wrong. He also strikes me as a pitcher who has completed one full season of Low-A ball after high school and who is campaigning to be the Opening Day starting pitcher at Yankee Stadium.

Thanks, but no thanks.

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