Friday, May 11, 2007

Dissing the Crew...

It seems the New York tabloids are unable to keep from dissing the Brewers, however slightly. The Post says that the Brewers benefitted from a weak schedule. The Daily News implies Selig looked out for them.

Time for the Brewers to show some arrogant New Yorkers who the best team in the majors is.

EDIT: For the benefit of the New York journalists - keep in mind that Rickie Weeks, corey Hart, and Bill Hall aren't quite firing on all cylinders. Also note that the Brewers are relying on a Counsell/Graffanino platoon at third, which is hitting .207 with six extra-base hits. If Ryan Braun were at third, there would be NO black holes in the Brewers' lineup. Dave Bush is the only starter who really has struggled - and the bullpen has one or two spots that are occasionally shaky.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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