Tuesday, May 08, 2007

McCain butts in - again...

In 2001, John McCain butted in, and ended up wrecking a deal that would have replaced aging KC-135E tankers with a more modern version based on the 767. Well, he's butting in again, this time over the new CSAR helicopter for the Air Force. This helicopter, the HH-47, is based on lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan - mostly due to the helicopter operations in the latter location. The Weekly Standard has some details, although I disagree with the article linked to, largely because of two questions.

For instance, its coverage neglects to mention that we are discussing an Air Force helicopter that going to operate from land bases. Why in the world is the CSAR-X's ability to operate from Navy vessels being discussed? And what shortcomings did the US101 and S-92 have that have not been mentioned in McCain's campaign?

The last time John McCain butted in, we had a deal for modern tankers kiboshed. This time, a new combat search-and-rescue chopper could be on the block. Does he really think that our tankers and CSAR helicopters are going to get any younger?

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