Thursday, May 10, 2007

Political Nonsense...

The recent fuss over Ann Romney's donation to Planned Parenthood is starting to frost me big time. Yes, back in the 1990s, Governor Romney's position on abortion was not what it is now.

That said, people need to keep in mind two things: First, he wasn't the one who made the donation, it was his wife. Second, we have had pro-life Presidents whose wives had a different view of the situation (Barbara Bush comes to mind).

That said, the usual commissars on the right are going to pounce on this. These commissars are going to destroy the Republican party's electoral viability - and in the process put the country in the hands of a party that has shown fecklessness at best when it comes to foreign policy and national security.

In a time when we are facing a global war on terror, abortion, immigration, and even fiscal discipline are secondary issues - to be addressed only when they do not interfere with achieving victory. If necessary, compromises on secondary issues need to be made. There is no room to demand ideological purity on pet issues. There is a much bigger fish to fry.

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