Monday, September 04, 2006

The AFA is at it again...

It seems that it's not just Howard Stern and NYPD Blue they are after now. Now, their push for censorship goes to an award-winning documentary.

It seems the American Family Assocation is now readying to fire off thousands of complaints to the FCC over a 9/11 documentary that will be aired as-is.

The AFA's beef? A lot of unedited profanity. Can I just call this pure, unadulterated Bravo Sierra?

For Mr. Sharp - a crash course is in order. TVs these days come with this thing called a remote. On this remote (varying by specifics) is a control marked CH, CHAN, or CHANNEL. This control has an up button and a down button. You use this when you do not like the show you are currently watching. With cable, I can go from something that I don't want to watch (say, the latest drivel from Lou Dobbs) to something I might be more interested in watching (like SoapNet's re-run of the day's episode of All My Children).

Failing that, Mr. Sharp, there is another button labeled POWER. This turns off the TV, so you can go read whatever book you want to. Or turn on the radio, (provided you aren't as hyper-sensitive about that as you are about what's on TV). Or, many TVs these days come in with built-in DVD players (which gives you more control over your viewing than ever before - if there is a boring scene in a movie you like, you can skip to the next one).

The AFA needs to be told to go soak their head. They've gone way too far in trying to force a network to not air a documentary. Where does this end? Is the end for the AFA to enforce its aesthetic choices on all of us, through massive complaints to the FCC - hoping they can turnt he force of the federal government against the decision the free market has made?

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