Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dealing with Sudan...

Austin Bay discussed the recent ultimatum Sudan gave the African Union on his blog.

My earlier comment will be expanded on a little. It is clear that the present government of the Sudan is unwilling to do anything about the genocide, and in fact is now taking steps to hinder efforts to resist it.

This is not something that going to the United Nations will solve. The only solution will center around the use of force. It is time for the Sudan to pay a penalty for not stopping the Janjaweed militias from carrying out their genocidal intentions.

Step one has to be increased military aid to Chad. The United States can probably pull out a number of older AH-1 Cobras and UH-1 Hueys from the boneyard. They might be able to do some good against a militia. This aid also needs to be aimed towards developing solid bases in eastern Chad for further steps in the plan.

Second, once there are secure bases in eastern Chad, the intended victims of the genocide need to be armed with sufficient light weapons to enable them to repel attacks. Again, I'm sure that various natiosn have a surplus of such weapons that can be provided at little or no cost (M60 machine guns, M1 Carbines, M3 submachine guns, various service rifles).

Third, the use of airpower should be considered against regime targets, particularly if the Sudanese regime decides to up the ante.

It's time to push the ineffective UN aside, and get the task of stopping this genocide in its tracks done.

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