Friday, September 29, 2006

Jimmy Carter doesn't get it...

Jimmy Carter decides to blast Don Rumsfeld, claiming we are in more danger now than we were back then.

Wrong. Jimmy Carter is the one who placed us at greater risk, through his weakness when confronted by the Ayatollah Khomeni. Granted, he was not the only one who showed weakness (Reagan pulled the Marines out after the Beirut bombing rather than sending them to clean them our, and Clinton cut and ran in Somalia), but he started the trend, and he put Khomeni in power in Iran.

At least George W. Bush and Don Rumsfeld are fighting. I guess Jimmy Carter is unable to deal with the fact that they are showing far more backbone when confronted by aggression than he did.

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Pondering American said...

I have been out of the news loop for a couple of days. I am not suprised that Jimmy Carter is opening his mouth again and again braking precedent to bash current administrations. I think the man is losing his mind at times