Friday, September 08, 2006

Thanks for nothing, France and Canada

France rejects the notion that we are at war. OK, OK, maybe it's because they don't want to surrender.

Meanwhile, Canadians seem to blame us for 9/11 happening in the first place. Do they blame a woman if she gets raped?


MysticanRain said...

they are blaming US foreign policy, not the country itself. successive US governments have been poking the Hornet's nest of decades now. It was hardly surprising that the US would get stung at some stage

Pondering American said...

Mystic, I would like to know what it is about US foreign policy that is too blame. I keep hearinbg this but not many specifics.

Is it our support of Israel?
I mean it seemed during the Bush 1 YEars, the Clinton years and yes even under the first few months of Bush 2 it seemed to me that with the exception of defending Kuwait we took largely a hands off attitude.
Marine Barracks get bombed killing hundreds we do nothing
The Toweers get bombed in Saudi and we do nothing
The USS Cole gets bombed and we do nothing
The World Trade Center gets bombed in the 90's and we do nothing
Two American Embassies get bombed and we do nothing

Well you might be on to something perhaps past US Foreign policy is partly to blame

MysticanRain said...

Your post demonstrates how little comprehension you have of how the rest of the world views American power. Place yourself in the shoes of someone from the Middle East for one tiny second and see how they perceive you.

What bin Laden objects to are the stationing of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia, the land of the holy city of Mecca, U.S. support for Israel's repression of the Palestinians, and the continued U.S. bombing of Iraq. More than anything, he feels that the presence of U.S. troops in the Islamic Holy Land is a sacrilege.

bin laden also has a grudge against Saudi royal family from their support of the US during the first Gulf War and because theyperceived as being a bunch of decadent pro-Western puppets by him and his followers. The US being an ally of the Saudi regime was naturally seen as a legitimate target.

add to that U.S. support for Israel's repression of the Palestinians. The CIA's 1953 takedown of democratically elected Prime Minister Mossadegh in Iran and the subsequent installment of a repressing and torturing Shah. Decades long support for various corrupt, undemocratic, regimes who oppress their own people like Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia for instance.

Add all that the hatred and resentment caused by those injustices together and you've got a power keg of hatred and resentment ready to explode when someone like bin laden lights fuse.

As far as you and I are concerned, nothing listed above justifies the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians. But when dealing with the region like the Middle East, not everyone over there will see it that way. So the fact that they hate you for what your government, and it's client states, has done to them should not come as any surprise.

DJ Drummond said...

Mystic, your "explanation" in your comment of 9/10 shows what a true Liberal you are, and how far from Reality you stand.








bin Laden.



He and his hell-bound minions never owned even a speck of authority, from the instant they first chose to kill innocents as their practice.

Maybe you should pay less attention to monsters, and more attention to patriots.

Thanks for proving, again, why the Left cannot be trusted to lead America.