Tuesday, September 05, 2006

No immigration bill this year...

As must have been apparent when the House came out with its road show hearings, the New York Times reports that passage of an immigration bill is now highly unlikely.

The fact is, the blame for a lack of an immigration bill lies entirely with the House Republicans, who decided that rather than come up with compromise that would have included additional security while also addressing other issues that pertained to immigration, they would take their ball and go home - then pander to hard-liners on the issue about how they stopped an "amnesty". This was an amnesty that never existed - just as the alleged spending cuts to Medicare that Clinton claimed Republicans wanted in 1995 never existed. They were both lies, and both actions were unsuccessful. Sadly, both seem to have at least temporarily succeeded.

Charlie Norwood let the game slip about those hearings when he threatened a Congressional Research Staffer because she game him information that belied the kind of pandering to the hard-liners on the issue, some of whom are nativists (or worse). His mind on the issue was made up, and he did not wish to be confused by facts.

Americans want officials to provide leadership and to act like adults. This requires maturity. The Republican leadership of the House did not lead. Instead, they abdicated, and rather than force hard-liners like Tom Tancredo to compromise - or at least actually try to force them to defend their obstinacy in public - Hastert instead let Tancredo dictate the House position.

The House Democrats certainly do not deserve power. But the House Republicans don't look much better at this point. Increasingly, I find myself admitting that if asked for a reason to vote for House Republicans, I can only say, "Because the Democrats are worse."


Cannoneer No. 4 said...

. . . if asked for a reason to vote for House Republicans, I can only say, "Because the Democrats are worse."

Thus has American politics been since 1864. There is really only one reason to support Republicans. Democrats will get us all killed.

Doesn't make for much enthusiasm for Republicans, and if they ever lose the GWOT as a club with which to scare us all to death the 'rats will be back in power again.

SallyVee said...

Harold, thank you for crystallizing the whole mess with such clarity and brevity. I've been too disgusted and emotional to analyze the latest "abdication" by the House Clowns. You nailed it right on the head.

And I agree with you, the only thing saving the GOP is that the DIMs are managing to maintain a clear lead on the disgust-o-meter.