Wednesday, November 08, 2006


That's what last night was. Scandals were part of it. Foleygate managed to derail GOP momentum, and they never really recovered. Ney and DeLay also didn't help.

But the House Republicans also managed to tick off people whose support they needed. On immigration, the views of the Chamber of Commerce were ignored at best - and other conservatives labeled their position treason. It's a safe bet that a lot of Hispanics were turned off by the anti-immigration position as well. I cannot be enthusiastic about a movement who regards my disagreement with them on a solution to a problem the country is facing to be proof of treason.

Already at RedState, the talk of a purge seems to be starting. If they really go through with it, they're gonna lose in 2008, and victory in the war on terror will be in doubt.


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Gilbert_Sundevil said...

You mentioned immigration...

Interesting results here in Arizona on the immigration issue.

We had four ballot propositions dealing directly or indirectly with the immigration issue:
1. Prop 100 - No bail for illegal immigrants arrested for a serious felony [passed 78-22]
2. Prop 102 - No punitive damages awarded to illegal immigrants in civil lawsuits [passed 74-26]
3. Prop 103 - English as the state's official language [passed 74-26]
4. Prop 300 - Limit state services/subsidies for illegal immigrants (including in-state tuition for Universities) [passed 72-28]

Whether or not these propositions make any real difference, it clearly shows that a good portion of the citizens in Arizona want something done about illegal immigration.


1. Our Democrat Governor who openly supports giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants and was against all the propositions mentioned, wins re-election by a wide margin [63%].
2. Dem Attorney General who fought implementation of the last illegal immigrant related proposition, wins re-election by a wide margin [60%].
3. JD Hayworth-R, one of the loudest members of Congress on the illegal immigration front, looks to have narrowly lost AZ-CD5 to Harry Mitchell-D [46-51].
4. Randy Graf-R, very vocal anti-illegal immigration, running in open seat AZ-CD8, which covers a good portion of Arizona's southern border, lost handily to Giffords-D [42-54].

Maybe Arizona is an anomaly are there are no lessons to be learned. But here are my personal take-aways:
1. If you are a candidate, you better be able to run on more than a single issue.
2. As a citizen, I can't count on my choice for elected representatives to even win an election, much less pass good legislation. If I want something done, I'll fight to have it put on the ballot and let the voters decide.

None of the propositions on our ballot were anywhere near "comprehensive". I would be interested in your opinion about why the ballot props pass but the candidates sometimes fail.