Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tancredo removes all doubt...

His comments on Miami are worth noting.

Let's look at the folks who actually came to Miami. A bunch of them happen to be from Cuba, a place that has been run by a Communist dictator for over forty years. His name is Fidel Castro, who has handed over the reins of government to his brother Raul. There have been rumors that there is an indictment just about ready to go naming Raul Castro as a big-time cocaine trafficker.

Many of those who immigrated from Cuba to the U.S. and settled in Miami come with little, and end up doing very well for themselves. But that does not matter to him. Miami is a "Third World country". If there is any doubt that the anti-immigration crowd tolerates downright bigotry, it's been removed in my mind. Whatever happened to "all men are created equal"? What ever happened to the notion of judging by the content of one's character?

Tancredo's not just about the rule of law (a point I have discussed earlier... I may refresh that discussion later). He wants America in his aesthetic image. It is a hidden agenda, and clearly, Tancredo is someone who needs to go away. I really do not care if he decides to run third party. Perhaps, like Buchanan, he will so some good by his departure from the GOP.


Gilbert_Sundevil said...
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Gilbert_Sundevil said...
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SJ Reidhead said...

Isn't our guy Tancredo amazing? I was beginning to wonder when he would put his foot in his huge mouth again. Don't you just love it?

Note sarcasm.

The Pink Flamingo

Ken Prescott said...

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Gilbert_Sundevil said...

Dear Ken,

It is your blog and you have every right to delete any posts you wish. My apologies. Did I say something offensive?


Ken Prescott said...

Did I say something offensive?

I find irrelevant spam very offensive.