Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Talk about horrible delivery...

It seems a committee of the Missouri House has issued a report blaming illegal immigration on abortion. AJ-Strata believes it is a horrible move.

The sad thing is, it's somewhat true. When I lived on a naval base during part of my time in high school, the base had people with Down Syndrome helping to rake the leaves on the public areas of the base. These days, genetic screening leads to a lot of pressure to terminate a pregnancy if there is a good chance of a baby having this condition.

AJ is right to be pointing out how economic conditions in Central and South America also play a big role. Those with the drive to get here often have the work ethic that has vanished to an extent here. We really need a comprehensive approach to get these people here legally.

That said, this is the kind of hard truth tends to be rejected, largely because this time, it has been delivered in the wrong way.

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