Tuesday, March 20, 2007

AJ Strata on immigration myths...

AJ-Strata talks Jeff Jacoby's column. It is worth reading both AJ's post and the column he has linked to.

Jacoby's got a valid point. We're in very high emplyoment. We're short of labor, and we can either choose inflation, or getting more folks to work. He's made a great point about the class warfare being waged as well.

For soem people, this is about forcing business to redistribute its money in a manner favored by the folks makign the demands. They cloak their comments in platitudes about the "rule of law", yet at the same time, they have no inclination to change the law at all.

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Gilbert_Sundevil said...

Interesting comments over at AJ's blog. Someone brought up the impending retirement of the baby-boomers and how we'll need the immigrants to replace them. This seems a little silly to me as most of those boomers retiring are not going to be un-educated laborers.

This ties a little in to Harold's comments about "full employment". I agree that this is something we should be concerned about. A loss of a significant portion of the working population could lead to wage inflation. But, in my opinion, this will be a temporary spike. As labor costs go up, a significant portion of those open or newly expensive labor jobs will be replaced by mechanization or new processes that increase overall productivity.

A recent article from the El Paso Times touches on this topic in relation to farm equipment. It states in part: "In the not-so-distant future, many farm workers may lose their jobs to farm machinery that continues to chop into the local industry." As they say, read the whole thing.