Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Checkmating conservative commissars...

AJ-Strata is someone I link to a lot. I had the honor of pinch-blogging for him last week. His post on Giuliani is well worth reading.

In essence, I am one of those deemed "impure" by a bunch of self-appointed commissars, which included Laura Ingraham, as well as some folks online. I have stopped posting/participating outside occasional lurking at two major forums, largely because I have gotten sick of demands for conformity.

The commissars are about to get checkmated by the Republican party. They will try to make things nasty, but the Democrats have their fringes, too. And while the GOP is busy checkmating their fringe elements, the Democrats defer to them (see the Nevada forum fuss).

The right had its chance to be the senior partner in the center-right coalition. They blew it by showing a piss-poor sense of priorities and atrocious judgement. Now, the center will be the senior partner.

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