Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Cleaning up the mess...

Don Surber discusses the latest in the Gonzales non-scandal. That said, I think his post contains another important admission: He jumped the gun when he demanded that Gonzales be fired over this.

This has become typical of conservatives, and some are more guilty of this than others. When Tom DeLay became the subject of a politically-motivated indictment by a prosecutor who had a track record of such cases (including targeting a Republican senator who had won a special election), he was thrown overboard. In essence, the Democrats got a lot from this. One of the best GOP strategists was taken off the board for the foreseeable future, and they managed to reinforce the notion that the GOP was corrupt through allegations.

They were attacking Gonzales because they got DeLay. They went after DeLay because they got away with their frivolous charges against Newt Gingrich.

And of course, people also noted how quickly DeLay was tossed overboard. They became less likely to stick their necks out for the GOP.

The only folks who gained any benefits were the Democrats. Loyalty matters, folks.


smh10 said...

I think many fave lost touch with the "base" on these issues.

Many of us were firing off letters to WH and DOJ looking for a sign that the AJ would not resign or be fired over this manufactured scandal.

smh10 said...

*have* sorry.